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Doug Osborne PDCHyp, MA Int Psych

Hello my name is Doug Osborne . I am fully qualified as both a clinical hypnotherapist (PDCHyp)and Integrative Psychotherapist (MA Int Psych) to post graduate level. I also work on the psychiatric unit at Roehampton’s Priory Hospital.
I have been using Clinical Hypnosis , Coaching, Counselling and Facilitation techniques to help people successfully deal with a broad variety of symptoms for nearly a decade. I also use these tools and techniques to help people with personal impact; confidence , better presence at meetings, better presentation skills and dealing with tricky people or situations.
There’s nothing mystical about hypnotherapy – we all go in and out of trances all day – mostly we aren’t conscious of it.  Driving and reading are good examples. Hypnotherapy is completely safe if the practitioner is registered and experienced.
When I was studying Clinical Hypnosis our lecturers said we would witness some amazing transformations.  I can honestly say that from the Police candidate with a blood pressure phobia , to the banker that couldn’t fly anymore, to the young woman who lost her confidence , to the project manager that was bullied at school and the stream of people dealing with stress at work or home, this work has been hugely rewarding.
Hypnotherapy is a really fantastic way of dealing with our difficulties and aspirations – try it and experience how powerful your unconscious can be when it’s completely on your side.