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The causes of low confidence or self esteem are many and varied. Low confidence may stem from your childhood, perhaps your parents were too critical, or a teacher you in front of in front of the class, or maybe your boss at work, likewise continues to knock your confidence. Or maybe you recognize your own internal voice telling you that you can't do this or that.

It's your own perception of what happens to you that makes the difference. In a debate with your peers you may lose an argument and feel your
confidence or self esteem has been dented. Another person may lose the same argument but manage to keep there confidence and self esteem intact. It really does depend on how you view your life.

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Good News

Once you realize that you do have some control over the way you think about matters, you can then start to redirect your perceptions to a more positive and healthier conclusion. Remember that people with confidence and a healthy self esteem have negative life events happening to them as well. It's how you deal with those events that makes the difference.
If you continue to criticize yourself of anything you do, then how can you expect to have a good self image and strong self
confidence. There are enough people ready to criticize others or you without you joining their side. So start giving yourself more compliments and recognize when things are going well for you to encourage your self belief.
increase your self confidence with hypnosis
Changing with Hypnotherapy, & NLP

Hypnotherapy, and NLP, can help you find the cause of your lack of confidence, if a cause exists. Helping you resolve any past traumas that may have effected your current thinking may be a huge step in changing you to a more confident person. In my experience most people already know what has or is causing their confidence issues, but still find it hard to break free from those old patterns of limiting behaviors. Alack of confidence can really restrict your life and stop you achieving those life opportunities that come your way. A confident person is able to create opportunities and as a result has more options in life.
Allow yourself now to begin putting your confidence into practice and give me a call for a FREE initial consultation. You have nothing to lose.
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